Written in 2007

Hero: I sit there thinking about what you’re doing or where you are. it’s almost enough to drive me crazy sometimes. i wish i could hear your voice whenever i feel the need. but your job is important so i understand. you know, “you’re kind of a big deal”. then the time comes and your words fly through the sky to me. and almost immediately my life settles. anything in me that is not content or satisfied disappears. theres something extremely special here. theres no need to even speak those words, it is a common understanding between our hearts. hearing it out loud is amazing yet so painful. my time with you is short and far between. but i will cherish the minutes we do have. you have become my best friend and my hero. you have put yourself out there to defend millions of people you have never even met for a cause that is timeless and so respectful. there will be no night when i close my eyes without thoughts of you. my prayers will be sent directly to heavens door to keep you safe and bring you home. home to me. i’ll be here no matter what. waiting on my hero….

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