First one..

3V3PJThis is my first post. I made this blog in about procrastination. ya.. its an issue for me.. I’m trying to work through it. Ha! Well, I can not promise that this blog is always going to be the most ‘politically correct’ or well written piece of writing that you’ve ever read but I can guarantee that it will be interesting, off the wall, opinionated and a little dramatic sometimes. I promise to always speak my mind and flash my opinion on whatever I seem to be thinking at that exact moment. There might even be a bit of ‘ranting’ from time to time. so sue me! Thats what blogging is for, right?
So a little about me… Well thats a complicated question. When you’re lookin at me you’re lookin at a tough, sensitive, stubborn, independent woman who will always make it through and loves to prove you wrong. A girl who drives a truck better than you, loves to get muddy one day and paint the town the next. A chick who is just one of the guys. A country girl that loves tattoos and harleys and will always tell it like it is…I like to live each day to the fullest and to do what i want, when i want. I say what I feel and try my best to take over the world each and every day. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail miserably but I keep on have to. Thats life. Ya live, ya learn, right?

I think thats all for now.. Stay tuned..this might blow your mind 😉


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